McGlasson Handmade Boots

We're proud of our product and consider it a new level of quality in footwear. Our handmade boots and packers have a long history of tradition and quality. They're handcrafted in Washington State using traditional Texas-style techniques.

When we build our boots, we custom fit for comfort and quality. In bootmaking, the last comes first. We customize each last by hand, to fit the contours of your feet. We sew our stitch patterns on custom-fitted uppers using antique Singer sewing machines, securing a precise stitch length and tension. We last each boot by hand to ensure proper shape and fit. We sew our welts by hand, and then stitch around the heels. We use wooden pegs instead of tacks because tacks can rust and rot the inside of the boot. Welting and pegging is a very painstaking job, but it works and has been done for hundreds of years. This method of construction was developed in the early 1800s by Cosimo Luchesse, one of the world's finest bootmakers. As traditional bootmakers, we strive to follow in his footsteps!

That's a brief overview of how we construct our boots. We build just about any design or style. The basic decoration, colors and theme is up to you. We need your ideas and welcome your input. Remember, you'll wear your McGlasson boots for years. Besides having top quality and fit, they should reflect your personality. In the past, we've designed butterflies, eagles, motorcycles, fairies, pinched roses, race cars, and tulips. You name it, we've done it:   initials, brands, company logos, etc. We build 'em plain or fancy, narrow or round toes, tall or short heels, pull straps or pull holes, stovetops or double scallop, or any combination thereof.

McGlasson Handmade Boots are made by only two people, Gary and Clara McGlasson. Because we work by hand using age-old methods, the process is exact and painstaking. We demand the highest level of quality in every boot we build. The time involved, from ordering to delivery of a finished pair of boots, requires patience from us and from our customers; our waiting list varies.